Optimal Life Coach  |  Mindset Transformation  |  Spiritual Awakening Guidance
Optimal Life Coach  |  Mindset Transformation  |  Spiritual Awakening Guidance
Optimal Life Coach  |  Mindset Transformation  |  Spiritual Awakening Guidance


To help you attune to your true nature by rediscovering the profound connection between your sense of being and doing. Drawing from timeless spiritual principles to manifest in your day-to-day actions, I will guide you to rediscover the art of cultivating inner peace, creating a life of purpose and genuine service to others.

Finding your own power is the key to embracing life’s ever-changing nature with ease, and to receiving life’s most sacred gifts with gratitude.



Karen Ornstein

Karen Ornstein is a dedicated Life Coach accredited by the Jay Shetty Certification School. She is a respected member of the regulated coaching industry, committed to upholding the global code of ethics and professionalism set by the internationally recognized Association for Coaching and Mentors.

Karen’s coaching practice is deeply rooted in the belief that every individual is born naturally resourceful, creative, and capable of learning, choosing, and acting. She guides her clients on a transformative journey of releasing the past and reconnecting with their true nature. Her approach is enriched by principles drawn from both Eastern and Western spiritual philosophy, creating a holistic foundation for personal growth.

She employs subtle yet powerful methods to facilitate life transformations for her clients. These transformations are not mere outcomes but experiences that clients can own, replicate, and master in pursuit of their most important life objectives.

It’s no surprise that most of Karen’s clients come to her through invitation and referral.

Karen believes in the ripple effect of transformation. Every life she helps transform creates a positive impact that extends far and wide. This belief fuels her passion for coaching and keeps her connected to the people she loves to coach.

She resides with her family in the vibrant South Florida region. She is wholeheartedly dedicated to her practice, specializing in Life Coaching, Mindset Transformation, and Spiritual Awakening Guidance. Karen’s love for meditation shines through, and she is always eager to share her experiential and theoretical knowledge of meditative practices and breathwork awareness with those eager to learn.

Working with Karen is an act of self-love and self-discovery. Her coaching empowers individuals to elevate their lives and align with their life’s purpose. It’s a journey towards becoming more in tune with oneself and the world, guided by inner harmony and empowerment.


Be transformed. Be empowered. Be elevated.
You are the universe manifesting itself. I’ll guide you to realize your own nature.


The coaching programs are designed with flexibility in mind. Sessions can be scheduled at a time that suits you, and the online format allows you to participate from anywhere. Moreover, many of the strategies you will learn, such as mindfulness and stress management techniques, can be integrated into your daily routine.

Investment in personal and spiritual development is an investment in your overall well-being and future. We can discuss various options to ensure the coaching is affordable for you. Remember, we also have the initial complementary Starting Point Session for you to explore if this is the right path for you.

In today’s fast-paced world, many young adults face stress, uncertainty, and challenges to their well-being. Mindset and spiritual coaching provides tools and strategies to navigate these challenges, find inner peace, and foster a sense of purpose and direction.

Absolutely. Spiritual coaching is not tied to any specific religion. It’s about connecting to something bigger, finding your purpose, and living in a way that is true to your deepest values and aspirations. You do not need to subscribe to a particular set of religious beliefs to benefit from this type of coaching.

That’s perfectly okay and it’s actually a common reason why people seek out coaching. Through our sessions, we will explore your values, passions, and aspirations, helping you to clarify your objectives and create a vision for your future.

Everyone’s journey is unique, and the pace of progress can vary. Some clients notice changes quite quickly, while others may take more time. The key is consistency and commitment to the process.

While both therapy and coaching can be beneficial, they serve different purposes. Therapy often involves working through past traumas and issues, while coaching tends to be more future-focused, centered on setting and achieving personal and professional goals. However, the two can complement each other well.

Your comfort and satisfaction are paramount. If at any point you feel a program isn’t the right fit, we can discuss adjustments or explore other options to better suit your needs.

Absolutely, confidentiality is a key component of the coaching relationship. Everything we discuss will be kept private, providing a safe space for you to openly express your thoughts and feelings.

Yes, as part of the program, you have access to unlimited support between sessions. You can reach out via WhatsApp messages to ask questions, share updates, or seek guidance. This ensures continuous support and keeps you on track towards your objectives.

"The path of knowledge is the path of liberation."

- Bhagavad Gita